Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hair Died. RIP Blondie.

So, I've been itching to die my hair recently, I even flirted with dip dying it red and blonde thinking it would be fun, turns out, red didnt suit me when i was 15, and it probably wont now. When you're stuck in a hair rut, no outfit feels complete, and no matter how many times you wash it, style it, it never looks the way you want it to. So, who do i turn to? Usually a pricey hairdresser, but with my recent promise to be more frugal with my money, i thought i'd turn to a home dye and with nothing but rave reviews Garnier Olia seemed the only option. 

I chose a dark blonde, because I've home died my hair light blonde in the past and ended up orange and not the sexy auburn kind, the orange, might be trying to look like chucky from the rugrats sort of orange. Colour 7.13

The before photos - Im getting the feeling your understanding my rut?... No dye since feb - I was toying with going light or dark or both and without a firm decision and the fast pace this year seems to be going at, suddenly we're in august and i've stll not made up my mind 100%

Non-spill packaging... yet I still managed to masacre my room. Whoops.

It's nothing but a waiting game, the butterflies kick in and i start to have "flaming orange" flash backs... no turning back now... egg timers on 30mins and counting

See, told you i managed to get it all over the place, lucky it all came off with ease (thanks garnier, for anticpating my messyness)

And whilst its darker than i intended... I quite like it. Its not stripey or orange, its got even coverage, and my hair is so soft i can't leave it alone. Do excuse the make-up-less face, Whilst in the shower i still managed to get some die or shampoo or some form of mixture in my eye, so i de-makeuped and went natural for the evening. 

I can honestly say, from going from salon to home dye and back again 100 times this is easiest home dye. It smells pleasant, My room as often smelt bleachy and horrible for days, but Olia leaves behind no smell and even smells pleasant during application. The after rinsing conditioner is just dreamy. I've not used many Garnier products, only their BB cream (Which i also wholeheartedly love) I am an Olia convert... Which colour do i try next?

Make over part one - DONE

Not sure i'll attempt cutting it myself, now... where did i leave that hairdressers number?


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