Saturday, 17 August 2013

Night @ Meat Liquor

Meat Liquor is one my FAVE places, I love the vibe, the food and the cocktails.

I Know its not necessarily beauty related and it most certainly didnt help my "im going to get fit this summer" plan, but OH-MY-GOD it is worth it. It is my ulimate cheer me up place to go, I get to sit soak in the atmosphere, Cocktails brought to my table, thoughts drowned out by music and im surrounded by people just enjoying the moment.

Summer of Love Cocktail, Second fave to Henrietta Fizz.

I don't blame you for admiring my Dirty Chicken Burger and Cheese Fries. PERFECT Combination. 
The lack of plates is most certainly a plus, crockery is over rated in my opinion, and the burger wasn't around long so it wouldn't have spend to much time on a plate! 

Best way to start a weekend!

So, if your looking for somewhere to immerse yourself in good food, cocktails and music, this is the place to be! Be sure to get there early enough to avoid the ques!


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