Wednesday 28 August 2013

Seeing RED.

Let me introduce my two favorite REDs, with autumn approaching, i feel its almost time to start ditching the balm and sparkly gloss and get back to embracing the power lip. 

Mac Red (Left) and Ruby Woo (Right).

I am SUCH a MAC addict, their lipsticks are second to none for staying power, variety and colour power.

These two are my favorites for such contrasting reasons on one hand i want moisturising but not glossy, long lasting and non fading but i also want it to come off easy when its time for it to come off. (don't ask for much do i?) Enter MAC Red, a lightweight, so light I've forgotten im wearing it on several occasions and smudged it across my face. Rookie error i know, but you'd be surprised how often this happens.

Then, I want a powerful, statement lip. Then i turn to Ruby Woo, a classic in the red lip world. I feel applying a balm and letting it dry before applying it as because its matte it can be a bit drying and on colder evenings a pre-balm can be the difference between a powerful statement and cracks in the colour. 

Again MAC Red (left) and Ruby Woo (Right) Swatches:

Also recent invested a deeper, darker red for Autumn. Russian Red


Bring on Autumn,  my lipstick collection is ready!


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