Thursday 15 August 2013

Perfume of the week..

I have WAY to many perfumes, out of choice, and presents and I've got a sneaky suspicion they're just appearing on my shelf. Made the conscious choice to wear just one a week and only wear my signature (Coco Chanel) on special occasions

This Week's selected scent is: 

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

The prettiest smelling perfume!

This is my second bottle since Christmas. It was bought as a present along with the moisturiser which enhances the smell so much it just lingers lightly around, and in a light breeze i'll catch a whiff of myself and think, oooo i smell pretty! 

Light, floral and slightly fruity. Not overly sweet, but just sweet enough. 

The packaging is so delicate and reflective of the smell. The braille writing on the side really is a special little touch, I don't know of any other brand to go into that much detail on the box. The white glitter sucks me in, im a sucker for the shiny things. The cute bow around the top of the bottle just reminds you of what a girly smell this is. I dislike perfumes that are to overpowering, much more a fan of those light subtle notes that hang around as you create memories. 

Only a little bottle this time! Got a big one last time and i got a bit spray happy, the littler the bottle the more i treasure it. 


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