Monday, 12 August 2013

So, I've got a week off...

So I've been blessed with an entire week to myself. 

and what do i go and do? buy a onesie, hair dye and enough yogurt to sink a small battleship and i bake. ALOT. 

And stock up on my most favorite yogurt, must say, i do have an unhealthy obsession with Rachel's Greek style yogurt with honey, so if your feeling a little bit in need of some comfort, i'd suggest investing in a pot of this: 

Despite having factored in some well earned me-time into my week of (gym time and long lay ins ahead) I've also factored in some well needed blog time, and general "get stuff done" time - ever get in such a to do list mess you've no idea which list you started first? So with a room to reorganise, a make up draw to clear out, a make over to conduct and a wall to decorate, I better get cracking. 

Here's to a week of me-time! 


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